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Dare to Create – Could Prince Charming be too good to be true?

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Hello readers, and welcome to another Dare to Create article from #ProjectLifeQuality. Your creative corner, where we discuss our topic of the week and you are provided with a suggestion to take away with you.

This will be something designed to encourage, and motivate you to explore your thoughts through the use of the arts. In January PLQ began exploring the topic of Self – A Fresh Start, and we continue this theme in February. Todays article focuses on the subject of good relations.

Following on from last week’s article and my personal example of an unhealthy relationship, we are diving a little deeper this week and asking ourselves what good relations look and feel like.

I’m writing this on the international day of love – St. Valentine’s Day – ironic, I know. I have found myself thinking about the contrast between my first ‘boyfriend’ and my supportive husband of fifteen years and the songs played on our wedding day. With that in mind, today’s challenge and survivor story is a musical one.

Dare to Create – the challenge

This week, I challenging you to help me create a list of go-to music which can help us all find strength at times when we feel lost, unloved and without control. We have far more ability to change our situation than we often believe.


The challenge – share your songs with us

  • Which songs remind you that you are good enough or strong enough?
  • That you are beautiful and powerful?
  • Lift your mood or give you courage?
  • Remind you that you can walk away?
  • Remind you what a good relationship looks and feels like?

The most popular suggestions received, will be added to PLQ’s Spotify playlist. 

These are my favorite songs for lifting me up

  • “You Make Loving Fun” – Fleetwood Mac
  • “How Long Will I Love You (2008 Remaster)” – The Waterboys
  • “Ice cream” – Sarah McLachlan
  • “Just the Way You Are” – Billy Joel
  • “At My Most Beautiful” – R.E.M.

Abuse leaves its scars and sometimes I need a reminder that life is good now.

Take time to ponder the questions in the challenge, look at the lyrics, then post your suggestions on Instagram. Please don’t forget to tag your photo with #plq and #daretocreate. The team at @projectlifequality loves seeing your participation!

Today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card. Both chosen with care and the aim of making me happy, telling me I’m special and loved for who I am. But it’s not the first time I’ve received gifts from a partner or admirer, so what’s different? Well, in my experience, a manipulator or predatory individual may use gifts as a way control your feelings and responses. (Love-bombing.)

This link explains it in more detail. (Remember abusers can just as easily be another gender, this is just more common)

The video in my previous article also shows how giving can be a tool of the abuser.

862018CC-1CBA-4C2A-83B3-33FDC6CE55E3.jpeg– Brittany Bexton

This week’s inspiration – Brittany Bexton

Brittany Bexton in concert

Continuing the theme of good relations and music, today I’m going to share a snippet of an interview I recently did with Brittany Bexton, a highly respected singer-songwriter and musician, who’s talents are better known in America’s music magnet, Nashville, Tennessee. 

My initial impression was of a sensitive, confident woman who’d always had her life together and knew where she was heading, but in speaking to her I learned of the damage that can be done by abuse.

F28E7116-A022-4CAD-A331-9749B2FE4E3C.jpeg – Brittany Bexton

I was impressed by not only what she’s achieving musically but also how she’s moved on from the abusive.

3DD7F182-6DC0-4E0B-9E71-EFFB623A42F2.jpeg – Brittany Bexton

Brittany is now so much more than a talented singer, especially to those she reaches out to via Instagram and her website – Her social media platforms are also very inspiring, a place where she doesn’t only share updates on her latest gigs. Brittany is a force – a voice for survivors of abuse, an educator and an advocate for change in society.

You’ll soon get to meet Brittany properly, when I share my full interview with her, in one of our Sunday Survivor Portraits. In the meantime, learn more about love-bombing, and listen to her “soulful, rootsy rock with a positive message.”  You’ll find one of her songs in our Spotify playlist.

Thank you for sharing with us Brittany and for managing to carve out so much time for our chat from your precious rehearsal time.

Maybe this has made you feel like picking up your dusty guitar again or joining a singing group, or reconnecting with music you used to listen to, whatever it is, don’t let this day or this thought go – grasp it with both hands. This is the real you.

Be the person you want to be!


Rebecca Goldthorpe

PLQ Creative Coach and Journalist


Monday Educational Article — What is a Good Relationship?


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We’ve talked a little about warning signs of a bad relationship. What are the signs of a positive relationship?

Let’s begin by restating that you have a worth and beauty as yourself, alone. You should not become anxious or depressed over your relationship status. If and when you feel confident in yourself to take on the role of a relationship partner, you will find it easier to engage others. This is true of more than just romantic relationships. Your work and friendship relationships will become more meaningful as you practice mindfulness and self-appreciation of your worth.


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As an outgrowth of respect for yourself, a positive relationship is built on mutual respect for each other. The partners are important to each other. You should be glad to give your time to your partner. You should be able to forgive each other’s shortcomings as less important than the continued relationship. Outside concerns should be relegated to their proper place in your priorities, which means distractions should be eliminated.


A positive relationship should be built on trust in each other. You should recognize that each of you are different with your own personality and outlook. This will be complimentary instead of disturbing. Your independent qualities should be identified and celebrated. A positive relationship allows each partner enough time alone to recharge their energies on their own preferred recreations, although, again, the respect for the partner means being glad to focus appropriate time on them and on the relationship.


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People in a positive relationship are eager to develop their communication skills. Learning to listen quietly and affirmatively is important. It gives the partner proper attention and helps develop awareness of your partner’s unique personality and needs, and prepares you to look to provide for those needs. Likewise, having a partner who listens means your own views will be validated and your needs fulfilled. People in positive relationships take the time to stay connected during the day and respond to each other. This goes again to our discussion of respect in a relationship.


People in a positive relationship look to develop empathy for each other. They show each other frequent affection. They look to surprise and delight their partner. They find humor in the challenges of everyday living. They are willing to identify goals, and work together on goals.


Photo on

See a pattern here? A positive partner respects your independent self-worth. A positive partner is ready to commit time to get to know you as a special person. They allow you your own space, and viewpoints. They are ready to develop the communication skills to identify and respond to your needs. They look to connect emotionally with you and become an functional help to your own pursuits.

I am glad we had an opportunity to discuss something positive this time of year! Again, don’t be anxious or depressed if you do not yet feel you are in a positive relationship. We believe you are strong and capable enough to develop these bonds of empathy, trust, and respect in their own good time. It’s important to focus on your own self-development as needed, whether you have what you consider to be a fulfilling relationship or without one.

And remember,

You are Beautiful

Christopher Andrew Balsz Jr.
PLQ Contributor and Mentor



Hello dear, it’s good to have you again on this edition of NUTRITIONAL FRIDAY. I am going to be sharing with you ways you can gain your confidence back, develop Self-love and be happy with yourself through weight management.



Weight management because I have been there and I have seen Survivors genuinely struggle to get over this Stigma of abuse with all the fight in them and the healing process is always something to look forward to and live through. Abuse can take its different toll on us and often times it results in unhealthy eating habits and uncontrollable weight gain.  

We feel like everything is going wrong and eating is just about the only thing that feels right. Our appetites widen and we stuff it up until it becomes a dirty habit we don’t like but can’t get over. I daresay that despite being aware of all the healthy options out there, making them for ourselves in these critical times of our Recovery Journey can be quite tiring and almost impossible to think of. But reading this article alone is a healthy step to start with and I’m positive that you too will find it in you to make healthy and deserving choices for yourself and your health.



I am positive that you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved, and you deserve to be confident. And there is no better person to make you feel all these shades of ‘GREAT’ about yourself if not you. In my personal Recovery journey through healthy weight management, I realized that no one was going to love and motivate me better than me. I needed to believe in myself first that I am deserving of a great body, a positive mind and Self-respect. Achieving any of that came from believing in me and making little healthy decisions that set me on the path for the big task- Managing my weight through healthy and Self-worthy decisions. If that worked for me, I believe it can work for you too. So, are you ready for the body you deserve? Are you ready to love yourself the only way you can? Are you ready for the big Task? I take that as a huge YES!!!



Doing the damn thang for me came with so much more great gain than I imagined. But that was after continuous and persistent dedication to the damn thang! Trust me, it wasn’t easy but it was well worth the effort when I weighed the result with the discomfort.

Don’t worry I’m not about to give you a set of dieting rules, because I understand some of these rules are hard to follow religiously for so many reasons. Some of which might be out of our control. So I’m keeping it simple, precise and “Liveable”. I chose LIVEABLE as a choice of word because I don’t want to provide you with rigorous weight management plans that you can only put up with for a certain period of time; this might lead to binge eating habits that will utter your previous hard work. I know you wouldn’t want that. However I do want to provide you with simple weight-management tips that you can live with and eventually make a life-long habit



Remembering these healthy Guides and doing them can and will lead to the result you are looking to achieve in your Weight management Journey

CONTROLLING CALORIE INTAKE: Our body weight is the sum of the total amount of calories we take in and the total amount of calories we burn every day. This means that if we are gaining more weight than we want is as a result of burning fewer calories than we take in. if we are on the other hand not losing weight, that is to say that we are taking in as much calories as we are burning. So if we are looking to lose more body weight in other to reach our healthy weight goals, then reducing our amount of calories intake and increasing physical activities, like walking, doing chores and exercises is the way to go.

EATING IN SMALLER PORTIONS: Regular controlled eating habit, is a great way to lose unwanted body weight and also stay in shape. Instead of having to start a dieting plan you can’t finish or starving to lose a large amount of weight which can be unsafe and almost impossible to maintain over time.  It is better to do the usual but in smaller amounts than you are used to. The good thing is that your body gets to adapt to this change in your way of eating and it becomes something you don’t have to worry about maintaining anymore. Also see this

EXERCISING:  When you add a little work-out plan to the above. Then you have for yourself an effective weight management life-style. It doesn’t have to be too much, activities as little as 20-30 meters walk a day is a good way to start. If you are by any means restricted from getting physical trainings from a professional fitness coach. Don’t say this is not for you yet. If you are looking to lose a large chunk of weight then just eating in small portions will not do. You also need physical activities to help regulate your heart rate and boost your mood generally on a regular basis. There are many workout plans you can kick-start from home, at your own time and convenience without any equipment at all. Some of which are Skipping, sit ups, jumping jacks, press-ups, squats, mountain climbers, etc.


REWARD YOURSELF WITH A SMILE:  Remember that you are brave, bold and beautifully made. If that doesn’t make you smile, read it again and personalize it until it does. Yes you are! And that is why no one deserves to steal your smile and your beauty song. You are complete and deserving of happiness and self-love. And I have no doubts that you will stop at nothing to give yourself your best. Seize the day and make it count in the best way you know how to right now. Remember that, it is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. Because, a Journey of a thousand miles starts with a step! So I say, let’s go do the damn thang!




Egg stew is often mistaken for Tomato Omelette . Both are not quite the same. Yes, they are both prepared with the same ingredients, just not in the same quantities. While Tomato omelette consists mainly of eggs, Egg Stew has more of tomatoes. Also, Egg stew is not “set” like Tomato Omelette .


  •         4 medium plum tomatoes (Tomato Jos)
  •         1 medium onion
  •         Salt & Dry Pepper (to taste)
  •         1 stock cube
  •        2 cooking spoons of vegetable oil


  •         Remove the seeds from the tomatoes and cut into big slices (see video).
  •         Also cut the onion into big slices (see video).
  •         Beat the two eggs, add a pinch of salt and set aside.

Heat the vegetable oil in a pot, when hot, lower the heat to medium.

  •         Add the onions and stir for about 2 minutes.
  •         Add the tomatoes, stir for a bit and cover the pot. This is so that the tomatoes and onions do not dry up too quickly. Stir from time to time though.
  •         After about 5 minutes, add the ground pepper, salt and seasoning.
  •         Keep stirring till the tomato is completely soft and separated from the oil.
  •         Slowly pour the egg in a circular motion. Do NOT stir. Cover the pot and reduce the heat to low to allow the egg to “cake”. You want the egg to form lumps in the stew rather than look mushy.

Egg stew is the best thing that ever happened to Boiled Yam and Boiled Potatoes. You can also serve it with White Rice, Fried Yam, Fried Plantain or Potatoes. And it does many things to plain sliced bread.

Watch Video directions below:

Recipe source:


A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…


Elenora Amarachi Paul

Actress and PLQ Nutritionist Guide


Dare to Create – the value of self love

0300752B-07B8-4929-AF3D-AC545E5A4C44.jpeg– Image by Bruce Mars

Hello readers, and welcome to another Dare to Create article from #ProjectLifeQuality. Your creative corner, where we discuss our topic of the week and you are provided with a suggestion to take away with you.

This will be something designed to encourage, and motivate you to explore your thoughts through the use of the arts. In January PLQ began exploring the topic of Self – A Fresh Start, and we continue this theme in February. Today’s article focuses on the subject of self-love.


Dare to Create – Write a loving message to yourself

This week I challenge you to write a message of self-love. A positive message to yourself, in the shape of your hand – much as I have below. Make it a message which tells you exactly why you are good enough. That you are beautiful and smart and wonderful, just the way you are!

The Challenge – what you will need

  • A pen
  • A piece of paper
  • A hand to draw around
  • Some beautiful, compassionate thoughts about yourself


Here are some ideas of what you could think about.

  • Things that you are grateful for
  • Things that make you happy
  • Positive words to describe your gifts, skills and personality
  • Your motto for being happy
  • Things that help you feel good about yourself

Be as creative, colourful and bold as you want, then post it on Instagram. Please don’t forget to tag your photo with #plq and #daretocreate. The team at @projectlifequality loves seeing your amazing artwork.

What is self-love?

It’s a phrase we hear a lot nowadays, isn’t it? But what does it mean? If I’m honest, I referred to Google for this one, as I wasn’t entirely certain either. I mean, is it just about believing you look good, taking luxurious bubble baths, and allowing yourself a lie-in at the weekend? Well if you are nodding your head to this, you’d be halfway there, but there’s much more to it than that. In a nutshell, it’s about looking after yourself – your own welfare, and overlaps self-care. It is about allowing yourself to be, well, yourself. Doing what makes you happy. Putting yourself first and allowing yourself time to be completely and authentically you. The wonderful being that you are, but which maybe gets buried under your weight of responsibilities as a mummy, husband or manager, for instance. It may sound selfish, but it really isn’t.


It’s also about considering how we talk about ourselves and showing ourselves respect. It’s about not harshly judging our abilities and imperfections or punishing ourselves for giving in to that yummy slice of chocolate cake – if it made you happy, great! Consider it a treat and show some self-compassion. After all, if we laugh in the face of compliments or frequently belittle and criticise ourselves, how can we expect others to treat us well?

“If you talked to others, the way you talk to yourself, you probably wouldn’t have any friends.”

This saying is one I learned from poet Caira Lee. You can learn more about her and her message, just below. It’s a wonderful video on self-love and self-respect. I encourage you to watch it. It’s really inspiring and contains some fabulous spoken word poetry too. What a bonus!


Survivor story and a message on the importance of self-love

This week I was truly inspired by a video I found on YouTube and I want to share it with you. The speaker is Caira Lee, a national award-winning slam poet and author. She shares her thoughts on the great importance of “radical self-love” through a portrait of illustrations and stories, spoken word poetry and her big personality.

I found such a terrific message in this video, and I really hope you will put your feet up to watch this. It’s eighteen minutes long, so why not make yourself a cuppa and grab a Hobnob. It’s definitely worth sitting down for!


I search 4 it blinded: the power of self-love and self-esteem | Caira Lee| TEDxSHHS


Be the person you want to be!


Rebecca Goldthorpe

PLQ Creative Coach and Journalist





Dare to Create – Why did you stay so long in the abusive relationship?


Hello readers, and welcome to another Dare to Create article from #ProjectLifeQuality. Your creative corner, where we discuss our topic of the week and you are provided with a suggestion to take away with you.

This will be something designed to encourage, and motivate you to explore your thoughts through the use of the arts. This month we’re exploring making a fresh start. Today’s article focuses on loneliness and will be dedicated to this amazing being chris, a narcissist abuse survivor, he will be portrayed in our first survivor portrait series the 25th of February.


Dare to Create – finish the quote

Inspired by Chris’s honest interview,  consider the question below and finish the quote.



So, how would you answer the above statement?

Perhaps thinking about when or how you left your abuser, will give you the answer. If however, you are still in the situation, why not share your reasons for staying in the abusive enviroment?

The circumstances of abuse are never straightforward and there are so many reasons why a person might choose to stay or can’t escape. With this in mind, it’s time for the challenge.


The challenge

Okay, are you ready to get creative? On a piece of paper write the following:

I feel a lot of people stay for so long because… “

Now complete the sentence.

Be as creative, colourful and bold as you want, then post it on Instagram.  Please don’t forget to tag your photo with #plq and #daretocreate. The team at @projectlifequality loves seeing your amazing artwork.


Survivor Story and background for this challenge

Allow me to introduce Chris, a loving father of two young daughters, an ex – serviceman who’s experienced domestic abuse in his marriage, for 12 years.

98E28924-B6AC-4B9A-99BA-0EE05D210278“I used to be a professional racecar driver into my 20s, very confident. Joined the military and felt invincible but after those years of being put down and almost tortured, I became a shell. Depressed, sad, always putting myself down. But when I got away it was a total 180° turn for me. I remember after the divorce I felt extremely lonely. I couldn’t talk to people. I pushed everyone away. But with time and after opening up and being honest I could hold a conversation with just about anyone. At this time, it’s extremely lonely. I focus on the good things, like my kids for example. I think about that day I’ll see them and how ecstatic we’re going to be.”

Hearing Chris reveal how traumatic and far-reaching the abuse has been in his life, it was hard to take in how this quiet, almost submissive personality could be the same man he described with such animation, prior to the abuse. To say the change in his demeanour and life situation has been dramatic, would be an understatement. One question this raised, which is a common one, was why did he not leave earlier? – or rather, why do people in general not leave sooner? Which is what inspired this week’s creative challenge.

The reason why I’m challenging you on this is that through creativity we can often find answers to things. It gives us a chance to pause and reflect. In doing this, we can better understand who we and recognise what it is we most need and want In our lives. With reflection on what has happened we can gently dissect the situation and gain clarity of mind, which is very important on our journey to healing from

Chris’s story opened my eyes to so much. I’ll touch on just a few things. His account helped me to grasp just how much self-esteem and self-confidence is lost when a person is physiologically and emotionally abused – and how long the road to recovery can be. Secondly, his courage in speaking up impressed me greatly. It’s never easy to share a personal experience about abuse, and this is extremely difficult when the abuser is also a woman. The stigma attached to male survivors of abuse is very real and damaging, which is another reason I admire Chris’s decision to share his story. Also, as someone who  identifies with being physically disabled and requires a wheelchair to cover distanc, as Chris does, I recognise the degree of danger Chris was inwithin his abusive marriage. It’s scary how easy it would have been for his wife to keep him dependant and trapped through her abuse of power and control, and understand how isolating and tough that must have been.

You will be able to read the full interview with Chris, on Sunday 25th February. I hope you’ll return to read it.

Thank you for sharing so openly with us Chris.

Be the person you want to be!


Rebecca Goldthorpe

PLQ Creative Coach and Journalist


Each week Our Trainer Jan Henrik will guide you through simple training and stretching techniques you can do in the gym. We in PLQ think that exercise is one of the most important things to do in order to maintain a good mental health. This week! His daughter is his Co-Star! The bravest little girl!

Therefore we asked Jan Henrik if he wanted to help us, showing you good techniques that would help you stretch and work out different muscle groups. Some of the exercises are done without equipment so that if you don’t feel like leaving the house. You can do them at home.


May I ask more people to participate in my videos?  just so I can show  my audience that everyone is welcome. That there are alot of abuse survivor support out there? So that the audience will see that they are not alone?  so that they will understand that age and shape and where you come from does not matter?

~Jan Henrik Askeland~

Which is the exact philosophy that we as an organization have.  To be an including environment for everyone. That is why Jan fits our team perfectly.

And you..? You can do anything…
Have a lovely day

Sincerely the PLQ Team and Jan Herik Askeland
 Proud Viking Dad



pasted image 0 (8).png
Via:  Alexas_photos



I am what I eat

I am what I breathe

I am beautiful inside and out

My love for the body I’m in

Inspires my long walks

And my fight against junks

I am a survivor relax, I got this!


Overcoming, surviving and rising above abuse can take many shapes and forms for different people but when it comes to food and nutrition, there is always something for every survivor.

Eating healthy and exercising are great ways to heal and recover fast and kick-start your journey to the quality life that you deserve.

Here are a few achievable steps to eating healthy through your Quality Life journey


I will guide you through five food categories that are important to remember in regards to maintaining a healthy nutrition. They are also what I call starter packs for a Healthy nutritional journey because when I started my health and nutrition journey I needed something simple and easily reachable and these were just what I needed. If you can remember these five categories shopping, it will be easier for you to figure out what to buy. By knowing these groups of intakes and make sure to use them or some of them each day, you will be guaranteed to get some of the nutrients needed to be able to have a well-functioning body supporting your mental growth.

pasted image 0 (7).pngSource:

  1.       WATER: The benefits of water cannot be overemphasized and to think that it is the easiest most affordable healthy liquid everywhere in the world makes it all the more amazing. Drink a lot of water, drink some more water, and then drink extra water. I have a habit of drinking a lot of water every day. When I consume excess sugar, I always drink more water. And on occasions when I am given the option to choose, I deliberately choose water and the feeling I get from that choice is simply exciting! Water serves as a great detoxifier for your body and it’s the healthiest fluid out here for your system. Cheat on the coke, soda, caffeine, etc. and just drink more water.

    pasted image 0 (6).png

  1.       FRUITS: Fruits are known to contain antioxidants and nutrients which serve as great calming agents.  I deliberately started stocking up my fridge with more fruits than fatty snacks. Now, every time I crave and run to the fridge I end up making healthy picks. Now isn’t that interesting? It’ll also interest you to know that fruits are great mood boosters. Whichever one you choose now solely depends on your taste and the options available to you. Berries, however, are a good place to start in case you needed a little more guidance. Blueberries, Peaches, Acai berries are all on top of the list
    pasted image 0 (5).pngSource:
  1.       WHOLE GRAINS: The craving for cakes, cookies chocolate and doughnuts can be a hell of a struggle. I mean I personally drool at the sound of any of those and it was a big struggle for me at first, having to go for grocery shopping and avoiding eye contact with these not-so-healthy beauties. But then I found a way to tackle the craving for cakes, cookies, and doughnuts which are all known to contain simple carbohydrates that leave you feeling fat and craving for more junks. Whole wheat meals like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, whole wheat grains which contain complex carbohydrates are not only a better option but the healthiest options as they boost mental health and relaxation improvements and controls craving.
    pasted image 0 (4)


  1.       FISH:  Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your recovery process and fish has enough of that. I personally would rather cook with fish than with beef or other kinds of livestock. However, if you are just into veggies, or not into fish that’s okay too. Here are some other healthy options with the same benefit. Eggs, Soybeans, wild rice Walnuts, enriched dairy foods. Don’t forget to pick up one of these when next you go for grocery shopping and if you already have them in your list of healthy food choices, then you are just right on track!

pasted image 0 (3)Source:


  1.       FREESTYLE: I know you don’t hear this one often or might never have. But sometimes you are just not up for all the strict rules on being healthy, a little spontaneity helps too. The feeling that you are eating by your terms. Do this once in a while when you go for grocery shopping. Grab a Red wine, salmon, turkey or just walk into a fast food and give yourself that special threat because you are special. I also understand you may have restrictions. Use it as an opportunity to get creative and create something spontaneous out of what is available. Don’t forget to have fun while at it.

pasted image 0 (2)Source: Dhyamis Kleber via


Finally, it’s all in the healing process to try new things and most importantly enjoy them. It’s okay to drop any of the new things you are not comfortable with and practice the others until you actually start enjoying them

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and the first steps aren’t always the best steps but there is room for adjustments to the new path you have opened yourself to and your nutrition plan is not an exception. Enjoy your journey to achieving the health that you deserve and don’t forget to read up all the other health and nutrition related articles for January on PLQ.


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Nigeria is a West African Country in Africa. The second most populated country in the world after China and The Giant of Africa.  Nigeria however, is known among many things for being Rich in cultures and Traditions.

I’m really excited to be sharing with you this vegetable SALAD RECIPE and more subsequently, all the way from Nigeria which is enjoyed by all irrespective of background. And I’m certain that you will love it.


pasted image 0


4 Medium sized cabbage

  •  4 medium size carrot
  •  lettuce leaves
  •  2 cups of chopped green beans
  •  half cup peas (optional)
  •  3 cooked eggs
  •  one can of baked beans
  •  2 big size of cucumber
  •  salad cream (heinz, BAMA mayonnaise)

Slice the cabbage too in a different tray (we use tray often in our home), slice the lettuce leaves, boil the eggs and remove the shell (2-3 eggs).

You then need to soften the cabbage, green beans, carrot and peas, most of the times we boil carrot, green beans and peas together and soak the cabbage in hot water for a minute.

Here is how it is done, add the carrot, green beans and peas to boiling (small) water, and allow to simmer on low heat for 3-4 minutes (this is to soften them a little, this practice is elaborated in the video below) heat water to 100 degree Celsius (boiling point) and pour into the sliced cabbage in a bowl, allow for a minute then drain.

Also drain the carrot/green beans, peas and set aside in a bowl, now you are ready for the mixing part.

Most people choose to mix salad in a large plate/bowl or a tray.

The mixing is simple: sprinkle a handful of cabbage on the tray, and then sprinkle the carrot/green beans/peas, also the lettuce leaves and keep repeating the process until they are all in one place.

Then slice the egg and drop on the top of the salad. (the egg is mostly for decoration) The final mixing is done as people dish out the salad; you add the salad cream and baked beans. It is good for these two to be separate to avoid getting soured over a long period of time.

Nigerian vegetable salad is served best with either fried rice or jollof rice; it is also very delicious when served alone.


Recipe source:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step….


Elenora Amarachi Paul
Actress and PLQ Nutritionist Guide