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Weekly Motivation with Kenyatta – Surviving Abuse and the Impact of Abuse

The impact experienced after a major storm can initially be damaging and very traumatic. It is not until we explore the aftermath, that we realize that not all old pieces will be necessary to rebuild a new future!

When we are the victim of a violent past, life can feel like an ongoing storm that never ends. It is not until we break free and separate ourselves from that negative environment, that we can start to pick up all those pieces that are often taken apart by those who exhibit destructive behaviors. 

Being a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse and many other acts of violence will often cause our perception of the power that we possess to become distorted. It is during these acts of turmoil, that it is important to focus our energy on reestablishing a connection with a purpose that transcends us into a future that is brighter than our past!

As we move past the impact of a negative event that happened in our past, it is important to never bring any destructive people, ideas, or negative environments during your rebuilding phase during the aftermath.

It’s during this phase that we have a new opportunity use to the best material, in order to build a new future that accepts us as individuals and gives hope to a brighter future!



Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker

Motivational Video – Survive Emotional Abuse with Kenyatta Mitchell

Listen to Kenyatta share his knowledge and expertise as well as his personal story with emotional abuse He will provide you with some tools for how he overcame abuse and broke a vicious cycle that had been going on his family for way too long (Scroll down to watch the video later)


The journey of surviving emotional abuse only begins when we realize it’s not about crossing a finish line but making daily progress!

Once anyone becomes a survivor of emotional abuse, the process can become a lifelong journey road to recovery. The transition of removing yourself from a negative and destructive environment is not an easy process.

But…. it is an important step to take toward to regain power and control over YOUR lifestyle.
~Kenyatta Mitchell~

A lifestyle that is worthy to feel empowered to make independent decisions without ridicule, to be supported by those around them, and more importantly to live a life that celebrates your ability to stand strong and increase your confidence to love yourself even when no one is around.




Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker

Kenyatta – Surviving Emotional Abuse Motivation and Techniques

The act of surviving emotional abuse takes more than an act of courage, will, and hope that tomorrow will be better. It’s a process that identifies that being a survivor is a journey and that the road to recovery is an ongoing process!261322_2160174092971_5829277_n

When we are the survivors of an abusive past, it often creates a ripple effect that extends far beyond the initial act of abuse. It transforms ideas about how we feel about ourselves and others, to mirror the words or actions of the abusers. The act of moving forward will be a long journey, but it starts with taking small steps and celebrating every inch of progress.

The first phase of surviving emotional abuse is to begin the mental reconditioning process by introducing positivity and hope back into your thoughts.

It is not as simple as it sounds, but it is a starting point to make strides towards feeling and living a rewarding life.

It starts with self-love:
It is important to first identify the negative associations, and then come up with 15-25 words that disprove any abusive words that do not signify who you are.

25198928_1261743480595593_25308683_oRemember Sue Rose from our dare to create article?

Write out “I Am” in front of each empowering word, and say them out loud throughout the day. This will help recondition the mind to start to build positive associations. SELF-LOVE, IS THE BEST LOVE!
~Kenyatta Mitchell~

Physical Activity:
The second phase is to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. If joining a gym does not fit into your budget or schedule,  you can incorporate other activities or hobbies to get the same benefit.

Hiking, biking, kayaking and even walking are all greats ways to get active without spending a lot of time or money.
~Kenyatta Mitchell~

These activities are good for your health but also important in releasing chemicals in the brain that is associated with happiness. As you increase your physical activity, you should consult a licensed health professional before beginning any exercise—so you will be covered.



Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker


Weekly Motivation Video – Emotional Abuse – Head in a positive Direction


Kenyatta Says:

Emotional abuse from the past can make you feel like the pieces of your life are falling apart, it is not until we reconnect to a positive source that a new confidence of endless possibilities can be restored!

When we are able to disconnect from an abusive past, we open up the door of possibility and hope for a brighter future. The process itself can be a major challenge, especially if the person who is seeking this disconnection doesn’t have the right support and tools to do so. Emotional abuse is composed of multiple layers, and every person’s journey is different which makes the road to recovery a long process.

No one deserves to ever feel this way, but for those who do it is vital that we find a way re-establish a connection to how valuable and worthy YOUR life is. That every flaw you have was designed to make you unique, that every insecurity is just your inner confidence waiting to come out, and that for every tear that was shed in the past has now created the very lake that supports the boat of change you will need to sail to the better you.

The first phase of beginning this journey starts with building back your self-confidence and self-worth. Create a list of 50 or more positive words that describe your uniqueness and the person you want to become. Write out “I am” in front of each of these words, and read them out throughout the day. OUT LOUD, and with passion and conviction. This tool is important because we are introducing positive associations with who you already are, and the repetition will help you regain control over how worthy you are!

The second step is one of the hardest because it involves the removal of any negative environments and individuals who display destructive behaviors. When you are able to discover support groups either online or within your local area, it helps solidify that YOU are important to yourself and to this world. When you are able to build relationships with like-minded people who are supportive and encouraging, it helps reinforce the positivity is a vital component of a good relationship that helps promote long-term growth.

For the life that you were given is worthy to be happy, worthy to be free from negativity, and worthy to be supported with love and encouragement every day. LIFE chose you on the day you were born to bring about change to the world, and today is the day that LIFE is routing for you to start that change. Use your story as motivation to keep pushing and it will inspire others to do the same!



Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker

Weekly Motivational Video With Kenyatta – Good Relationships

Nutritional2. memeA good relationship is not completely defined by how someone makes you feel, but is enhanced by setting standard that demands that you are treated with respect at all times!

Before we can invite anyone new into our lives, we have to establish a baseline of love and respect for ourselves before we begin extending any invitation. If we do not establish a solid base of self-love, it can sometimes alter our judgment and ultimately attract and allow the wrong people to enter our lives!

A good relationship begins with settings high expectations and standards for what you establish to be worthy enough to come into our lives. This means that if you see any actions that do not meet your standards or expectations, then it is vital to walk away from that person or environment immediately.

The biggest question that you have to ask yourself, is how do I define a good relationship. Understanding how to answer this question, will give you the building blocks to create the standards and expectations you are going to set.

Here are a few questions that you can use to begin your journey. What are the intentions of the person or group you just met? What do you have in common with them? Do their words match their actions? How do they treat other people that are around you? What are they passionate about? How do they respond to stress? Do you feel at ease around them? Does this person inspire or motivate you?

This list is just an example of a few questions that you can ask, so feel free to add more questions as they come to you. Once you get the answers to these questions, it will start to paint a picture of who this person is and if they are capable of creating a good relationship.

Weekly Motivational Video – Good Relationship



Kenyatta Mitchell

PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker


Weekly Motivational Video With Kenyatta – Warning Signs

A warning sign is designed to provide a stop check of what to look for before something bad occurs. Creating  a checklist of what to look for in advance, will equip you to make better decisions that ultimately will aid in your over all wellness.

One of the most important tools that we can use in creating positive change in our life, is ability to say no and reject anything that does not add value to your life. When we begin to eliminate the things that we do not want in our lives, we can begin to make room for the things we want in our lives. In order to that, you have to set boundaries and look for warning signs to know what not to allow in.

You are worthy of feeling loved! You are worthy of being happy! You are worthy of having your ideas be supported! You are worthy to feel safe! You are worthy be expressive without ridicule! You are worthy of being appreciated! You are worthy of being YOU without judgement! You are worthy of being vociferous! You are worthy, and it is for that reason alone that everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to be in your life without your approval.

Once you fully accept that you are worthy, it is important to create a check list of acceptable behavior that is consistently positive and supportive. If you see a variance between what is being said and what is being done, then that is typically a warning sign that the mixed messages that are being sent is only a preview of what’s to come. When you see behavior that is possessive, verbal, or even physical then it is warning sign that the person in front of you will never truly appreciate your worth.

It is also important to recognize warning signs for those who may fall into self destructive behavior. What are the triggers that lead to the destructive behaviors? Understanding what the triggers are is a vital component of knowing what the warning signs are, which can assist you with developing a strategy to avoid and eventually convert destructive behavior into a constructive one.

Look for the warning signs, know that you are worthy, and the life that was given to you doesn’t require the permission from anyone to live!

Weekly Motivational Video – Warning Signs



Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker



Weekly Motivational Video with Kenyatta – Why Do We Need Self Love?

Nutritional2. meme

The beauty of self love, is that it should always be in your control!

We do not have to seek approval from anyone to embrace the importance of loving yourself first. It doesn’t require the acceptance or rejection of anyone, and its power comes from within.

Making yourself a priority is not a selfish act, instead it is a measure that we have to take to secure both love for ourselves and happiness. The best way to find love for yourself is to fully define and explore why you should love yourself.

The first step in securing love for yourself involves seeking an internal appreciation of everything that you bring to the table. Create a positive list of all the things that make you an exceptional and unique individual, and make sure to write out,
“I Am _____”, before every word that you find. Make sure that your list has at least 50 words, and you can add more if you like.

Read the list out loud when you first wake up, before lunch, and before you go to bed at night. When you personalize and use your own affirmations, it creates more of an impact and that can create the confidence necessary to increase self love!

Weekly motivational video – Why do we need self love

And you, you are beautiful…


Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker