Motivation with Kenyatta Mitchell – Emotional Abuse – Helping others

Helping others creates more than hope, it often sheds light on a path that they may have forgotten is there.

Those who often need the most help may not have the initial courage to261322_2160174092971_5829277_n ask for it. It is not until someone extends an open hand, that hope and possibility are reintroduced into that person’s life.

One of the hardest challenges for those who become victoriously over an abusive past is learning to become a beacon of light of hope for others who made need some direction on where to go. It’s during the process of giving back that we receive the greatest gift of all, and that is showing someone how important their worth is to themselves and to the world.

The next time you see someone that maybe having a bad day, even if your day may feel just as bad, pull up and chair and have a conversation with them about their journey and share yours as well. This interaction can be both therapeutic and inspirational, for anyone that is willing to help out those who need it.

Sometimes, the best way to start healing ourselves starts by helping others first.  Reach out, extended a hand, an


Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker



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