Weekly Motivation video With Kenyatta Mitchell – Impact of Abuse

At the point of impact when a baseball establishes contact with a bat, the ball becomes a part of the force exerted by the bat. The aftermath experienced during abuse still impacts the individual long after the initial contact! (Direct Link to the video,, Scroll if you want to read video at the bottom).

Whenever we have been impacted by a violent past, it is important to realize that just because the encounter happened in the past it still has the ability to be present during the aftermath. The best way to create separation from a troubled past is to redirect your energy and time into rebuilding yourself and reconstructing an encouraging environment.

The act of rebuilding starts with understanding that you are not at fault for the cruelty that you may have been exposed to in the past. That your life is worthy and valuable, and that how you were treated was and is unacceptable. Today is the day, that we seek to capture the essence of victory and invite it into your life. With the walk of confidence, the skip of hope, and the stride of possibilities that your past will no longer impact your future.

Today is that day that you acknowledge that your past was not ideal, but you are willing to take a leap of possibility and turn a past victim into a future victor. Step by step, day by day, I am claiming power over my past and reclaiming my future on my terms!




Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker

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