Weekly Motivation with Kenyatta – Surviving Abuse and the Impact of Abuse

The impact experienced after a major storm can initially be damaging and very traumatic. It is not until we explore the aftermath, that we realize that not all old pieces will be necessary to rebuild a new future!

When we are the victim of a violent past, life can feel like an ongoing storm that never ends. It is not until we break free and separate ourselves from that negative environment, that we can start to pick up all those pieces that are often taken apart by those who exhibit destructive behaviors. 

Being a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse and many other acts of violence will often cause our perception of the power that we possess to become distorted. It is during these acts of turmoil, that it is important to focus our energy on reestablishing a connection with a purpose that transcends us into a future that is brighter than our past!

As we move past the impact of a negative event that happened in our past, it is important to never bring any destructive people, ideas, or negative environments during your rebuilding phase during the aftermath.

It’s during this phase that we have a new opportunity use to the best material, in order to build a new future that accepts us as individuals and gives hope to a brighter future!



Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker

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