Motivational Video – Survive Emotional Abuse with Kenyatta Mitchell

Listen to Kenyatta share his knowledge and expertise as well as his personal story with emotional abuse He will provide you with some tools for how he overcame abuse and broke a vicious cycle that had been going on his family for way too long (Scroll down to watch the video later)


The journey of surviving emotional abuse only begins when we realize it’s not about crossing a finish line but making daily progress!

Once anyone becomes a survivor of emotional abuse, the process can become a lifelong journey road to recovery. The transition of removing yourself from a negative and destructive environment is not an easy process.

But…. it is an important step to take toward to regain power and control over YOUR lifestyle.
~Kenyatta Mitchell~

A lifestyle that is worthy to feel empowered to make independent decisions without ridicule, to be supported by those around them, and more importantly to live a life that celebrates your ability to stand strong and increase your confidence to love yourself even when no one is around.




Kenyatta Mitchell
Project Life Quality Motivational Speaker

One thought on “Motivational Video – Survive Emotional Abuse with Kenyatta Mitchell”

  1. Thank you for your mission. I am an overcomer of abuse and have a site that I seek to use to encourage both myself and others.
    I still have to deal with some of the abuse on one end but have cut ties with the other source of abuse. I am working toward being completely disentangled from all abusers and have a hope full outlook 🙂


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