Weekly Motivation Video – Emotional Abuse – Head in a positive Direction


Kenyatta Says:

Emotional abuse from the past can make you feel like the pieces of your life are falling apart, it is not until we reconnect to a positive source that a new confidence of endless possibilities can be restored!

When we are able to disconnect from an abusive past, we open up the door of possibility and hope for a brighter future. The process itself can be a major challenge, especially if the person who is seeking this disconnection doesn’t have the right support and tools to do so. Emotional abuse is composed of multiple layers, and every person’s journey is different which makes the road to recovery a long process.

No one deserves to ever feel this way, but for those who do it is vital that we find a way re-establish a connection to how valuable and worthy YOUR life is. That every flaw you have was designed to make you unique, that every insecurity is just your inner confidence waiting to come out, and that for every tear that was shed in the past has now created the very lake that supports the boat of change you will need to sail to the better you.

The first phase of beginning this journey starts with building back your self-confidence and self-worth. Create a list of 50 or more positive words that describe your uniqueness and the person you want to become. Write out “I am” in front of each of these words, and read them out throughout the day. OUT LOUD, and with passion and conviction. This tool is important because we are introducing positive associations with who you already are, and the repetition will help you regain control over how worthy you are!

The second step is one of the hardest because it involves the removal of any negative environments and individuals who display destructive behaviors. When you are able to discover support groups either online or within your local area, it helps solidify that YOU are important to yourself and to this world. When you are able to build relationships with like-minded people who are supportive and encouraging, it helps reinforce the positivity is a vital component of a good relationship that helps promote long-term growth.

For the life that you were given is worthy to be happy, worthy to be free from negativity, and worthy to be supported with love and encouragement every day. LIFE chose you on the day you were born to bring about change to the world, and today is the day that LIFE is routing for you to start that change. Use your story as motivation to keep pushing and it will inspire others to do the same!



Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker

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