Monday Educational Article — What is a Good Relationship?


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We’ve talked a little about warning signs of a bad relationship. What are the signs of a positive relationship?

Let’s begin by restating that you have a worth and beauty as yourself, alone. You should not become anxious or depressed over your relationship status. If and when you feel confident in yourself to take on the role of a relationship partner, you will find it easier to engage others. This is true of more than just romantic relationships. Your work and friendship relationships will become more meaningful as you practice mindfulness and self-appreciation of your worth.


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As an outgrowth of respect for yourself, a positive relationship is built on mutual respect for each other. The partners are important to each other. You should be glad to give your time to your partner. You should be able to forgive each other’s shortcomings as less important than the continued relationship. Outside concerns should be relegated to their proper place in your priorities, which means distractions should be eliminated.


A positive relationship should be built on trust in each other. You should recognize that each of you are different with your own personality and outlook. This will be complimentary instead of disturbing. Your independent qualities should be identified and celebrated. A positive relationship allows each partner enough time alone to recharge their energies on their own preferred recreations, although, again, the respect for the partner means being glad to focus appropriate time on them and on the relationship.


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People in a positive relationship are eager to develop their communication skills. Learning to listen quietly and affirmatively is important. It gives the partner proper attention and helps develop awareness of your partner’s unique personality and needs, and prepares you to look to provide for those needs. Likewise, having a partner who listens means your own views will be validated and your needs fulfilled. People in positive relationships take the time to stay connected during the day and respond to each other. This goes again to our discussion of respect in a relationship.


People in a positive relationship look to develop empathy for each other. They show each other frequent affection. They look to surprise and delight their partner. They find humor in the challenges of everyday living. They are willing to identify goals, and work together on goals.


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See a pattern here? A positive partner respects your independent self-worth. A positive partner is ready to commit time to get to know you as a special person. They allow you your own space, and viewpoints. They are ready to develop the communication skills to identify and respond to your needs. They look to connect emotionally with you and become an functional help to your own pursuits.

I am glad we had an opportunity to discuss something positive this time of year! Again, don’t be anxious or depressed if you do not yet feel you are in a positive relationship. We believe you are strong and capable enough to develop these bonds of empathy, trust, and respect in their own good time. It’s important to focus on your own self-development as needed, whether you have what you consider to be a fulfilling relationship or without one.

And remember,

You are Beautiful

Christopher Andrew Balsz Jr.
PLQ Contributor and Mentor

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