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The Pressure of Pearls

Have you ever wondered how real pearls are produced? Its process is less than glamorous and quite interesting. Pearls have to undergo a certain level of pressure in order to perfect its unique characteristics. From their underwater environment, layers upon layers of nacre and goopy elements, pearls are a rare and beautiful result of patience. Besides patience, it’s also a reflection of solitude. Pearls are made in oysters. Oysters are typically away from human exposure. It makes me wonder whether that’s why pearls are a symbol of solitude…Or so I have been told. I know you’re reading this, maybe in a coffee shop or at a bus station. I don’t know your name or what you have been through, but remember that being a pearl is not as bad as you think it is. Pearls are beautiful, not only because of its dainty appearance, but its “behind the scenes”. I know it’s February. Depending on where you are from or your culture, Valentine’s Day may be celebrated differently. Don’t get fooled by believing that people who are in relationships or married are always happy. You may not feel worthy, but you are. The way life shaped you, the circumstances you’ve been through, and all the tears you cried were all features that decorate your persona. Even if you do have a diamond ring on your finger, it doesn’t mean you are valued because you own it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the picture, but the ring contains diamonds and pearls. They are often placed together in jewelry. Remember that pearls and diamonds are friends, but they don’t depend on each other to shine. You shine by yourself, regardless of who’s beside you.


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You Are Enough

You may have a million of comments rushing through your head. Rushing like a furious and attention demanding newsfeed. “I don’t even know who I am.” “I’m not used to being by myself.”

“My identity is found in the things I do.” “I know myself.” “I don’t need this.” May I submit under your consideration that it’s never too late to invest time in getting to know yourself. You may be hardened because of what people did to you. You may not even see why you’re so special. Well, let me be your friend now and remind you that you are. You are enough. You are special. You deserve to have a happy life. Focus this time in your life to meet new people and start new friendships. Maybe it’s time for a vacation! Maybe starting your own business is your calling. Don’t let what happened in your past, determine your future. If you were rejected, I understand. That really affects any person’s self esteem, however, don’t fret. Rejection is actually protection. You could be way worse now. Be thankful for where you are right now, because it’s better to start new chapters with wisdom, than with ignorance.


Photo credit: -Merce- on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

The Pressure of Diamonds

Second question. Have you ever wondered how authentic diamonds are made? The pressure they have to go through is even more severe than diamonds. Diamonds are made out of Earth’s carbon. They are heated in 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, squeezed in 725,000 pounds per square inch, and then resurfaced from the depths of the Earth. Diamonds had to experience, fire, pressure, dirt, and darkness, before being polished to shine. If you’ve had abusive relationships in the past it is because there’s patterns in your life you need to change. You might have let your radar rest unconsciously, let your guard down, or maybe you were just plain deceived. Whatever you do, please do not stay in the depths of the Earth. Rise up, shake the dirt off, and shine. The wait may feel like a path made out of pearls, but the wait is not a disservice. It is life saying to you: “Take this time being on your own, to learn who you are and to love yourself.” You are a marvelous person. In fact, I believe you should take yourself on a date.

And remember….you are beautiful!

Loren Ruiz

PLQ Survivor



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