Weekly Motivational Video with Kenyatta – Why Do We Need Self Love?

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The beauty of self love, is that it should always be in your control!

We do not have to seek approval from anyone to embrace the importance of loving yourself first. It doesn’t require the acceptance or rejection of anyone, and its power comes from within.

Making yourself a priority is not a selfish act, instead it is a measure that we have to take to secure both love for ourselves and happiness. The best way to find love for yourself is to fully define and explore why you should love yourself.

The first step in securing love for yourself involves seeking an internal appreciation of everything that you bring to the table. Create a positive list of all the things that make you an exceptional and unique individual, and make sure to write out,
“I Am _____”, before every word that you find. Make sure that your list has at least 50 words, and you can add more if you like.

Read the list out loud when you first wake up, before lunch, and before you go to bed at night. When you personalize and use your own affirmations, it creates more of an impact and that can create the confidence necessary to increase self love!

Weekly motivational video – Why do we need self love

And you, you are beautiful…


Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker

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