Each week Our Trainer Jan Henrik will guide you through simple training and stretching techniques you can do in the gym. We in PLQ think that exercise is one of the most important things to do in order to maintain a good mental health. This week! His daughter is his Co-Star! The bravest little girl!

Therefore we asked Jan Henrik if he wanted to help us, showing you good techniques that would help you stretch and work out different muscle groups. Some of the exercises are done without equipment so that if you don’t feel like leaving the house. You can do them at home.

He is empathic and being a father coming from a background where he has had to work hard to achieve what he has in life, he has the tools and heart that we as a team appreciate. Kindness and being including as a person.

Which is what we loved talking with him about the video. Amongst the first things he asked was.

May I ask more people to participate in the videos?  To show that everyone is welcome, that alot of people shows support, and so that viewers will see we are many who cares?  That age and shape and where you come from does not matter?

~Jan Henrik Askeland~


Which to us means the world, the main focus of all of our team members is, how can we make the readers feel well, or encouraged. Thank you so much for following us. And for allowing us to be a part of your process.

And you..? You can do anything…
Have a lovely day

Sincerely the PLQ Team and Jan Herik Askeland
 Proud Viking Dad

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