PLQ Motivational video – Training and Mental Health With Kenyatta Mitchell

The escape created from training the body, can often help free the mind of what makes you feel trapped.  

We all have days where something from the past or even present, could be inhibiting us from experiencing the full capacity of what life has to offer. It’s during those times, that we would need to find a positive outlet to release and reconnect to a fuel source that can charge our minds and bodies. When we are able to achieve this state of mind, it make things from the past and present more manageable.

One of the greatest advantages of training, is the ability to take something that you already have and make it better. When we Commit to a training program that focuses of both cardio and strength training, the brain releases endorphins which are the “feel good” chemicals that can help battle those tough days that we all go through.

Starting a training program is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated as most think. You do not have to go to the gym to train, because there are multiple ways to get in cardio and strength training without setting a foot in the gym. Taking you dog for a walk, hiking on the weekend, and even riding your bike is a quick way to get started.  You can also incorporate pushups, sits up, jumping jacks, and other small exercises that can have a tremendous impact when we start to incorporate into our daily activity.

Remember, this tool is for you only, so try not to compare yourself to others. Training the body is an awesome way to redirect the negative energy that life sometimes creates, so create a plan today that will place you in a position of power!



~Kenyatta Mitchell~


And you, you are beautiful…


Kenyatta Mitchell
PLQ Supporter and Motivational Speaker

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