Dare to Create – keep on walking and let your feet do the talking!


Dare to Create – how one person’s life mission was shaped by abuse

Hello readers, and welcome to another Dare You Create article from #ProjectLifeQuality. Your creative corner, where we discuss our topic of the week and you are provided with a suggestion to take away with you.

This will be something designed to encourage, and motivate you to explore your thoughts through the use of the arts. This month we’re exploring how to make a fresh start. This week the focus is on methods of training.

Before this week’s inspiring interviewee shares their story, let’s take a look at today’s creative prompt.

Dare to Create – the challenge

It’s easy to feel disconnected with our environment, especially when we have chaotic lives or going out is challenging physically or emotionally. I was recently reminded of this fact on a personal level.

So, this week I’m suggesting we take ourselves on a walk, even if it’s only to the end of your garden. Get out. Feel the air on your skin. Listen to the birds. Find something beautiful and take a photo to share with us. If you can’t leave the house, photograph                                                          something you can see from indoors – flowers, your view etc.

4C8098B3-C593-4720-90C6-8194A37D9DA9Image in left corner – http://www.pexel.com

PLQ would love to see your artwork and messages, so don’t forget to tag us.


Maha Alotaibi


Some people may find the content of the following                                                                       discussion distressing.


Meet Maha Alotaibi, a feisty entrepreneur who’s personal brush with domestic abuse gave her the conviction to help others affected of domestic abuse, through a rather creative idea – shoes!

Maha grew up in Kuwait and moved to America in 1999. On a visit home she bumped into an old school friend – let’s call her Halimah. Little did either of them know the impact this would have on them.

Maha – “I saw Halimah out in a shopping mall. She hugged me so hard – like I was very special or she wanted to say something and need to be comfortable. We exchanged numbers and she called me always, the funny thing was, Halimah never invited me to her house, although I invited her.

Something about her was not right. She was very weak, not focused – not like her in high school. One day Halimah told me on the phone that her husband just hit her. I was mad and shocked. I called my mom and told her and was advised to stay away.”

Families in the Middle East have to solve their own issues.        Getting involved would’ve hurt Maha’s family, but like a good friend, she couldn’t let it go and even considered accompanying them to safety in America! Maha’s family were concerned, but never told her no, so she found the strength to get through it.


Maha – “The plan was to run away to my house and stay there, then think of what to do – you see he could take the kids from school and no one can stop him. But he came home at night, had a fight about cold dinner and beat her up. She called when he was asleep and went and picked Halimah up with the girls, packing nothing.”

Next morning, they filed for a divorce at the courthouse, afraid of reporting the violence to police due to the lack of a solid domestic abuse system in Kuwait, and the risk of repercussions from Halimah’s husband and even Halimah’s family.

Maha – “They can’t do anything except call your family and talk to him. There’s no protection if your family doesn’t support you, but if you go to court and hire a lawyer before him, you win! So I took my own pictures of her with the damage he did, called Halimah’s family and told them she’s staying with me. I talked to my lawyer, who talked to a divorce Lawyer, who met us and took the case.”



– Maha Alotaibi

Following some assistance from Maha to get an apartment, her friend is now financially independent and works as a special needs teacher.

13180DA5-A92E-4381-BA21-F6334E0936D2As a result of this life-changing experience in a culture dominated by men, Maha found the confidence to set up her thriving international cosmetics company in America, Madly Yours plus her second initiative Maha’s Walk.

Maha explains the concept behind Mahaswalk, as this.


– Maha Alotaibi

The shoes, which Maha handpaints, are symbolic of these challenges and she very generously donates these to survivors – a visual reminder of how far they’ve traveled from. Take about inspiring!


Maha Alotaibi

A personal note from Maha

“I am looking to support women who have walked out of needed support.                       If you know of a survivor of abuse who would value a pair of my hand-decorated shoes, you can contact me via Instagram.“



Shared with kind permission from Maha Alotaibi.

What I learned from Maha was that nothing is insurmountable, if you have the courage to try and work hard at it, and that being human comes ahead of all else. I think that’s a great motto to live by, don’t you?


– Maha Alotaibi

Thank you for sharing with us Maha.

Be the person you want to be!


Rebecca Goldthorpe
PLQ Creative Coach and Journalist


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