Courageous Sunday – Nutrition & Exercise– golden keys to your kingdom.

Greetings my fellow warriors! A very happy & healthy Sunday to you all.

How are you guys doing? I hope all of you guys are geared up to begin this new year with some of the tips that I shared with you last week. This week we shall focus on the importance of nutrition and how to take proper care of our health because as they say “health is wealth”.

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James Trevor Oliver is a British celebrity chef and restaurateur. He is most known for his typically English cuisine that has garnered him numerous television shows and restaurants. His break into television came when he appeared in a documentary while working at the River Cafe in London. From there, he gained fame after hosting a hit cooking show, The Naked Chef. Multiple cookbook publications and restaurant openings followed. Throughout the 2000s, he campaigned healthier eating for school children in the U.S. and U.K, making it absolutely necessary for all kids to follow a healthy eating regime.

He strongly believes that food has a primal place in our homes. Which is why he stresses that diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes are one of the biggest causes of death in today’s world.He predicts that our coming generations will live a shorter life span than we did because of the way we are feeding them with food having high toxic food ingredients and lesser nutritional value.

He advises that we teach our kids everything about nutrition so that the coming generations will not go through diet related diseases and live a healthier longer life.

Watch him talking about nutrition in this inspiring video

“All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that you can make mistakes – I do all the time – but it doesn’t matter.”
~ James Oliver- British celebrity chef & TED Prize winner.~


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My good friend Rebecca explains the reason behind the saying “we are what we eat”.Trauma can be one of the many psychological factors regarding food disorders. Cooking and developing healthy eating habits is your first stepping stone into slow but effective healing. Since depression and stress makes you eat less, it starts to show physically. By eating certain healthy foods , it helps in making a positive change in our system as well as in our lives.


1.Shop Smart-  eating well won’t help but eating healthy well. Next time you go for grocery shopping, consider stopping by a local supermarket or an organic farm that sell fresh vegetables, fruits and poultry. Pay attention to quality than the cost. Focus on foods rich omega-3 fatty acids such as beef, walnut, fresh salmon and cod liver oil. These foods are known to be best foods for depression and health. Go fresh, go healthy!

2.Peace of mind –cooking can be stressful if you are cooking for a large crowd of people as it feels like a routine. But when you cook for fun, as a hobby it becomes more relaxing. It actually keeps you busy with full concentration and thus it enables people to forget about their traumatic experience for few moments. In short, it is one of your best diversions.

3.Part of a community- ever felt lonely amidst a crowd of people? It is because you are disconnected to the people around you. But cooking and healthy food changes all that. You can connect to food networks or join cooking classes where you will find like-minded people and feel involved and lesser lonely. In a way, it improves your social life and keeps you busy.


 “My goal is to inspire you to, and give you the information you need to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. One where you love to eat well & choose to live this way not because you think you should, but because you know that when you do, you look and feel your absolute best, and you can give and get more out of life
~ Dr.Joanna McMillan  – best known nutrition & lifestyle specialist~

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Dr.Joanna McMillan  on

Dr. Joanna McMillan has become one of Australia’s favorite nutrition. She is a PhD qualified nutrition scientist, dietitian and former fitness instructor. McMillan discovered that the way she ate and how much she exercised significantly impacted on her energy levels, mood, self-esteem, appearance and, consequently, her outlook on life.

Today, Dr. Joanna is the founder of Get Lean, a regular on the Nine Network and the official nutritionist for TODAY. She is also the author of several books, has a weekly column in Sunday Life and a blogger for Woolworths Baby & Toddler Club.

In a ted talk, she questioned the crowd whether they would be ready to survive on nutrient pills for the rest of their lives even if it contained every little nutrient their body needs. To which the crowd said a big no.  she says, “the point is, food is much more than a bit of nutrients.”

She says explains that Food is a part of:

  • Who we are
  • our culture
  • our upbringing
  • how we negotiate and interact with each other.

Just like Oliver had stressed about the destroying of nutrition, Joanna admits we have a huge problem. It is now the norm to be FAT. Not the good fat. The bad fat. But she is not focusing on size, but the effects of fat on our body like diabetes and obesity. Hence our diet is intricately involved in all of this. All we have to do is change our lifestyle, our eating habits. It is found to be hard to change a habit that has been ingrained into us. There are many sources. The media, wrong influence, incomplete knowledge and easy shortcuts to fast food restaurants are some of it.

From the Okinawans in japan to paleo diet eaters, there is something common. REAL FOOD. It is not only what we eat but how we eat. Our attitude depends on our eating habits. She advises that to make a real change is to really eat, healthy and real nutritious and eat with joy.

Check out her amazing video


  • Do that test – Doubt is the nature of human beings. If you suspect something is wrong with your health, do not hesitate to go for a check-up. Make it a point of doing regular blood-check up to check your sugar or iron level. Or if you feel you have symptoms of thyroid, go ahead and do that test!
  • Follow expert’s advice- many will tell you to do this and that but try your best to set up a meeting with a good nutritional expert or general practitioner for sound advice and remedies you can work on and follow their instructions
  • Drink more water – due to our busy routines and fast lives, we forget to keep note of small yet important habits that affects our health greatly. Do you feel dryness near your eyes and constant headaches? Is the color of your urine darker than usual? Constipation? Dry, flaky skin?Drink your water wisely.
  • Sweat it out-even though sweating is kind of gross, it helps in maintaining body temperature and get rid of toxins because skin is the largest organ of your body. Your skin gets more youthful as you get rid of acne and blackhead So be it Zumba classes or that tennis friendly match, just sweat it out mate. For more exercise tips refer to Jan’s workout video.
  • Shop wisely- shop for fresher food in organic farm sale and local supermarkets.
  • Mental health- as much as it is important to take care of your body, it would be pointless if you have a disturbed mind. Do what it takes for you to attain peace of mind.
  • Keep a tracker – either on your phone or in a book. (journaling perhaps?). all your eating habits, drinking water etc. this way you will know what to continue with and what not.
  • Cook your meal- not only is it healthy but creative habit to instill in your routine. Keeps you engaged and allows you to be connected to other like-minded people.
  • Meditation and detoxification- this is an absolute must for detoxifying your body and opening up those hunched muscles that hinder the process of digestion in your body. You will notice a great difference in your body after you keep doing these regularly.

“Exercise is King and Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”
~ Jack Lalanne- American fitness, exercise, & nutrition expert~

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I don’t know how is it possible but each time I sit down to write the article, to offer you meaningful tips and ideas, some way or the other it brings out a similar experience or shall I say inner reflection that I have to share with you.

When I was in the high school, I was struggling with depression so bad that I stopped eating. Like real eating.  We had summer vacations going on and it made it easier for me to stay up late at nights and wake up in the noon. Thus, I was skipping breakfast and eating very little portions of lunch and dinner (just for the pretense that I am eating something). As a result, I lost a lot of weight and became the object of ridicule at school.  I lost my appetite and ate not food but my worries. Stress was the main factor but I was too stubborn to notice it. 5 years of battling against my own negativity, I finally put my foot down and attended meditation therapy classes, detoxifying my body and mind & investing my time in learning about healthy eating and exercise. Believe me, it was one long journey but I made it and so can you my friend!

Let us show some love to our body and mind by paying attention to what we eat, how we eat and also to make it a point to stay fit and keeping ourselves active with various exercises and fun activities. Let us pledge to make a better today so that we will face a better tomorrow.


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Keep shining bright like you always do!  And eat well, sleep well and stay fit .




PLQ Inspirational Blogger and Survivor

One thought on “Courageous Sunday – Nutrition & Exercise– golden keys to your kingdom.”

  1. Such a brilliant article and your personal story really moved me. It also reminded me of my own school days. I developed gagging, swallowing and general eating issues as a result of chronic, enduring anxiety and stress. This began around the age of 10 and was at its worst around age 15. This was caused by severe bullying and undiagnosed dyslexia. I was so underweight that my doctors was convinced I was anorexic, though I was eating. However the stress which caused the gagging and swallowing problem, meant I was unable to eat breakfast and I often are little at lunch. I survived on my evening meal for years! This issue became bad again during my uni years, for the same reasons and was again a great concern to my G.P. as I went from being slim but healthy to very underweight. Today, I’m anything but slim, but I do eat healthy fresh food (most of the time ), and now that stress is minimal, I very rarely experience the gag reflex etc. It was a long journey, but recovery is most definitely possible!


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