Just Call Me Lolli- PLQ Survivor Tools and Tips for Working Out


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You Can Do It!

The first thing you have to get out of your mind is that you can’t do exercise. When you put it in perspective and see how other people are able to do it you’ll understand too that you can do it as well. Starting to work out may be discouraging, intimidating and at times frustrating. There may be all types of reasons. Whether it’s how your abuser treated you before you left the relationship or not, words have affected you. I understand it’s hard to get over the harmful words people have spoken to us, especially our bodies. But do not let that stop you from pursuing a healthy life. You can do it!

Selecting Exercises

There is a YouTube channel called XHIT, which features numerous personal trainers and workout sessions. IF you go over the playlist, you will find different videos regarding different body sections. IF you want to work on your derriere or your abs there’s a playlist for that. All of the trainers are women, but let this not intimidate you if you are a guy. A lot of these exercises can also benefit you. My favorite trainer’s name is Rebecca Louise. She also has her own channel. You may not understand at first what exactly they do but after you see the videos, you will see how easy it is. If you have a medical problem it would be wise for you see the videos before actually performing them just in case some of them would be harmful to you.

Here are both links:

Exercises you can do

Rebecca Louise: Daily exercise list


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Spreading Out

Another thing that really helps me stay focused while obtaining a healthy amount of exercise is spreading out my work out segments. I try to work out one hour total every single day. You might think: “That’s too much for me! I have no way of fitting that into my schedule!” Well you can if you spread it out. I try to do 4 segments of workouts, 15 minutes each. The first set would be during the morning, the second segment would be early afternoon like around 1 or 2. The third segment is usually around 5 pm and the last one before bed around 9 pm. If you can’t do this, at least try to set a goal to work out 30 minutes a day. I do most of my workouts home and have no need of equipment. If you prefer the gym, then this may not apply to you, since people that go to the gym usually workout one or two hours straight.


Timer App

Is there anything more frustrating than listening to music while working out? I always lose count when I’m working out, in order to keep everything consistent I downloaded this app called Timer +.  There may be an alternative for the Android platforms for sure. The timer app allows you to put in how many repetitions you want or reminders. An example, so you may understand this a little better is the following. When I work out in the morning for 15 minutes I use the timer app to beep every 30 seconds. The beep lets me know it’s time to switch up to the other leg or to another exercise. You can use it while you hear an audiobook, hear an album on Spotify, or on the YouTube app. But also friend, make sure to add at least a couple of minutes that way you can stretch before beginning. Stretching is so good for you.


If you haven’t checked out our weekly training videos, make sure to follow us on Instagram @projectlifequality and see Jan Askeland’s videos.


Let’s recap on what we learned today, shall we?


  • You can do it!
  • Select the exercises you are able to perform.
  • Spread out your work out segments.
  • Download a Timer app that allows you to repeat cycles of reminders.


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I hope all of these tips were helpful for you today! I wish you the best on your personal fitness journey. Remember it is possible and doesn’t compare yourself to others. Everyone doesn’t have the same body structure, resistance, or weight. Stay hydrated and until next time!


And remember…you are beautiful!


Loren Ruiz
PLQ Survivor and Ambassador


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