What Is This Page?

– Yakara Tahboub

A lot of people dealing with the aftermaths of abuse, often find themselves having to start their lives all over again. The perception of this world has been altered to such an extent that we all can agree on the fact that things will not be the same. That does not mean that things will continue to be bad. Even thou your trust in people might be gone, we are here to follow you along the way to reassure you that there are people who genuinely care and that you are not alone.

So why this page? This page works as a rehabilitation page. It may not seem like it, but if you read, the articles you will see that what we are providing are creative outlets, ways to exercise amongst others… Read further down to see the lot.

#DareToCreate Tuesdays we have our weekly Dare to Create Challenges, these are run by this amazing lady Rebecca Goldthorpe, she approached me when I just started Project Life Quality. She has been working at a Domestic Abuse center. As an addition to that, she is a cancer survivor, one of the things she has used in order to bounce back is creative therapy, in which she went from not being given a lot of time to getting published. Now she is here to be creative with you. Understanding the therapeutic value of being creative.
#MotivationalWednesday Each Wednesday we will provide you with Motivational Videos for you to get that little extra pep talk on gloomy days or days you want to feel extra “peppy” (is that even a word). This guide by our motivational speaker Kenyatta Mitchell. He has through what he has experienced, losing an uncle to suicide, developed the skill and understanding of being there. Providing that gentle push in the butt. Being reflected and warm at the same time.

#JustCallMeLolli We have our own Thursday PLQ Ambassador Lolli, She is standing out as a proud survivor. Why? She does it for all of you to see how we should not be ashamed of ourselves. And we as the PLQ team wholeheartedly agree on that. We are 100% Behind Lolli, and we look so much up to her. The same way we look up to you for being here today. She will provide us with articles on our monthly subjects in order o show you a way out. Being who she is. Lolli.


#StayActiveSaturday Saturday, Jan one of the most empathic people we know will guide you all through training videos, in order to help you stay active. Which is so important in a healing process. He has overcome injuries, by training. By the doctors, he was told he would not be able to get back on track. So he did. And he is here to show you how. With his kind heart and this brain of his, telling him that giving up is not an option.




#CommunitySurvivor We have our kindhearted Wilted, he always comes to me saying, “I can do this. No problem” He has this amazing way of popping by with compassion, offering to help. He runs our community page. Having a history of deep depression, trying to end his life, he found the will to live by helping others. Taking measurements in his life. Which is why he is perfect for our community page. Because it is a page for us to cheer each other up! Posting Quotes, Stories, Songs. Whatever makes you smile, and he truly is that kind of person knowing the value of finding the sun at dark times: Our Community Page


We have more upcoming writers for you. They are all survivors or working out of an experience. These are the public parts of our PLQ Team. There are many more. And we are all voting for you! Being here every step of the way. And that is what this page is about! And. A few upcoming shenanigans in order to raise awareness, stay tuned or be a part of it!

And as we always say
And you..? You are beautiful

Kind Regards

Gerd Signe Trocio Thodesen
Founder of Project Life Quality

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