Courageous Sunday – Mindfulness Xmas– Celebrating Xmas in a new way.



Ho! Ho! Ho! Hello, my brave survivors and kind readers!!

How is the preparation
for celebrating Christmas this year? Want to spend it in a unique, relaxing way? Let us focus again on mindfulness to a little deeper level. You can make a change in your life once you make an intention when you take the first step. As you know, mindfulness is nothing but being aware of something. The question is, what should you be aware of? and why? Let’s dive a bit into the world of mindfulness through some inventions by mindful people.



James on

Founded by Alfred James – born in London, he is a mindfulness coach, author, and founder of the globally popular Pocket Mindfulness blog.

Purpose- The concept of Pocket Mindfulness is to present this spiritual way of life in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. His mission is to help people become purposefully present in their daily lives, which in turn will help them to cultivate a purer awareness of the true nature of things. There is also the Pocket Mindfulness App available for IOS platform. the Pocket Mindfulness app delivers daily inspiration to your phone and tablet on a daily basis, in the form of tips, mindfulness exercises and bites of wisdom.

“One vital lesson I’ve learnt on my journey is that if we allow ourselves to be still for a moment, to stop analyzing the past and predicting the future, to stop rushing around, grasping and striving at material things and empty goals, we suddenly gain a clarity of mind that opens a pathway to happiness, contentment and opportunity.”

~Alfred James- Founder of Pocket Mindfulness~



Headspace is a digital service that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. It is founded by Andy Puddicombe. An accomplished presenter and writer, Andy is the voice of all things Headspace. After an unexpected decision to travel to the Himalayas changed his life completely.

Headspace logo on
All it takes is ten minutes: Mindfulness Video

We can’t change every little thing that happens to us in life, but we can change the way that we experience it.”
~ Andy Puddicombe – Co-Founder of Headspace~


Andy Puddicomb  on




  1. Healing relationships: Forgiveness meditation

This can be done in 3 ways –

  • Forgiving others: When others have harmed you. (Reflect on the pain you caused)
  • Asking for forgiveness: When you’ve harmed others. ( Be mindful of what arises)
  • Forgiving yourself: When you’ve harmed yourself (Ask yourself for forgiveness)
  1. Communication: Mindful speech and listening

effective communication is a skill that takes a lot of practice and dedication. The idea is pretty simple: you communicate with greater awareness of what you’re saying (think before you speak) and by paying more attention when you’re listening (and listening more).


  • Be aware of the effect that certain words can have on a conversation

Be aware of how you’re saying what you’re saying when possible

  • , communicate important messages in the right environment


  • Withhold judgment


  1. Craving and addiction: Mindful indulging

Addiction and other addiction-like behaviors can be very damaging over time. That’s because these behaviors tend to grow and affect more areas of our life as time goes on eg: binge eating, unhealthy behavior, smoking etc.  But greater self-awareness and self-control are amazing tools in helping us deal with these challenges and these are two primary skills that mindfulness practice helps you develop.


  • Be fully present for the craving
  • Be fully present for the feeding of the craving


  • What did you find?

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A special way of celebrating mindfulness in this festive season, here are some more tips to find out how you can do that:

Listen With Intent

When you listen with real intent, you are connected to the people whom you’re listening to as I have heard, when you listen a part of healing has already taken place

Make Space For Emotion

The festive season can bring with it a full spectrum of emotion — from warmth and celebration to bitterness and frustration caused by quarrels, or sadness and loneliness triggered by memories of lost loved ones.

Abandon Expectations

As they say, expectations lead to disappointments, instead keep the hope alive.

See Good In Others

Dealing with difficult people can be a big challenge, but when you see the good in others, they see the same in 

A MINDFUL SHORT STORY- Narrated by Mrs.Mindfulness

The story is about how hunters used to catch monkeys in India. They would cut a coconut in half, hollow out one side, and drill a hole in the center that was just big enough for a monkey to put its hand through.

After this, they drill two smaller holes on each side of the coconut, pass a wire through, and secure the coconut to the base of a tree. Then they place a banana inside the coconut and hide. The monkey comes down, puts their hand in and reaches for the banana. But the hole is crafted in such a way that the open hand can go in, but the fist with a banana cannot get out.

The hunters see this and start to walk toward the monkey. The monkey pulls to get away, but can’t. Eventually, they just pick up the monkey, and that’s how it’s 

The interesting thing is that at any point, all the monkey needs to do is release their hand from the banana. But they’re so attached to what they want that they refuse to let go, blinded by the fact that holding on is actually leading to inevitable

As humans, we too can be so blinded by our ideas of what we want and need, oblivious to how these desires and pursuits are causing us great suffering.

It’s worth taking a moment to ponder – what are you holding onto in your life that may be causing you more harm than

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“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well”
~ Jack Kornfield- American author and teacher~

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Let us begin 2018 with a refreshed mind and an enriched soul. Let us let go of our anxieties and worries and actually live in the present and be mindful of what is happening around us. Let us be a new person and welcome the new year with a positive outlook on life.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas to you and your families.
Keep shining bright as you always do! Let those Christmas lights glow through the night!



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