Life goes in Waves: How Do I Form A Crisis Plan?(With Template)


Trigger Warning: Reading this article may remind us of extreme emotional situations. It is presented to be helpful, but you should be warned about potential triggers contained within. (Free Template at the bottom of this article)

Sometimes our feelings can overwhelm us and we require the assistance of others in our lives. We can anticipate this development by preparing what is called a crisis plan. A crisis plan provides necessary information to others who want to assist us. In preparing a crisis plan, we become more self-aware of our feelings and outlook regarding our own situation.

Not everyone will make use of a crisis plan. However, reviewing what is required for a complete crisis plan is a good exercise for everyone experiencing regular stressors in their lives.

Take a breath and read over this proposed crisis plan before working to fill out the answers. It may seem overwhelming at first.


Emergency Contact Information
Who should be contacted if you have a crisis and need an intervention? It is important to know at least one reliable person to be reached if you are incapacitated for whatever reason, so as you see, the exercise of creating a crisis plan is useful to everyone.

Emotional Signs of Distress
What behaviors do you notice are signs you are not feeling well? Often we have indicators of a bad time coming on if we think about our feelings.  Can you note them down so that you can act early before a severe crisis?

ProvidersPLQ Crisis Plan
Who are the medical professionals who should be contacted if you are in difficulty? What are their names and telephone numbers?


Prescriptions and Allergies
What medications, if any, are you taking? Are there medications to be avoided? What other health needs should be addressed?

If you have children, and will be away from home, what arrangements have you made for their care?

Comforting Supporters
What persons would you like to be with you as you experience your early warning behaviors? It is good to prepare these contacts in advance so that you can act early to avoid the onset of a sharp crisis.


If you have pets, what arrangements should be made while you are away from home?

Crisis Identification
What makes you feel that you are in a bad situation compared to your good days? It can be helpful to others to know what you are feeling. It can also help us to be self-aware of our own feelings when we have crises.

Past Supports
What behavior by support providers helped you feel better in the past? Are there things you want others to avoid doing when you are in a crisis?


Informing Others
Who should be informed if you are having a crisis? Do you have instructions regarding sharing information that you want relaying to others?

Other Information
Any cultural practices you want to be respected during a crisis? Any special instructions you want to share with others? A crisis plan is an opportunity to express ourselves!


OK, have you finished reading it over first? It’s going to take some focused effort and objective thinking about ourselves to fill this out. But it will be very helpful if we ever find ourselves in a crisis situation. And we believe you can do it!

You are Beautiful!


Christopher Andrew Balsz
PLQ Contributing Member

Template For a Crisis Plan: PLQ Crisis Plan

Credit Header Image:
Photographer: Ahmad Torabi
Instagram: @Ampics_Photography_ahmad

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