Courageous Sunday – Grace Brown – Raising Our Voices Through Posters

Courageous Sunday – Grace Brown– Raising our voices through posters.

A warm greeting to my brave survivors and kind readers!!

This week we shall focus on the importance of resources for the other equal half, the male population. I have come across this wonderful project called Project Unbreakable founded by Grace Brown to be absolutely courageous and eye-opening. Hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

Project Unbreakable – A journey through unspoken words and a big white board.



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Today’s inspiration comes from Grace Brown – a humble and thoughtful photographer who started Project Unbreakable in October 2011. Project Unbreakable is a photography project aiming to give a voice to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Project Unbreakable has been featured in media outlets such as Glamour, TIME, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian.

Brown, photographs survivors of sexual attacks holding posters with the words of their perpetrators or the ones who have mistreated them intimately. Brown posts the photos on the Project Unbreakable Tumblr.

“Project Unbreakable gives a voice back to those who sometimes don’t have one. Project Unbreakable and the people involved (are) a symbol of hope … You have to stand up, and you have to keep hope”

~Grace Brown~



Brown admitted that she was always been surrounded by loads of survivors but what pushed her more to take the first step was after she had gone out with a friend during the month of October when she has joined college. Her friend shared her story of sexual abuse and it got Grace thinking the whole night, “I have to do something for all the survivors I met “. And she woke up next morning with an idea of writing quotes and personal feeling on posters and taking a picture of them.  She posted a couple of pictures on social media and it went viral, something she hadn’t expected it to be. That’s when she started getting a ton of emails and many survivors reached out to her for creating awareness.

Project Unbreakable bloomed all over the internet with positive feedback and support, to both men and women.            

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youwantedithoughfirst image ever taken by Grace Brown on projectunbreakable tumblr



The National Domestic Violence Abuse Hotline says that men do not report or seek help for their abuse because of the following reasons:

  • Men are socialized not to express their feelings or themselves as victims.
  • bearing certain old beliefs about men being only abusers, women being victims.
  • The abuse of men is often treated less serious, or as a “joke”.
  • Many men believe there are no resources or support available for them.


After the positive responses received, many male survivors too came forward to share their courageous stories, breaking the stereotypes they faced when people told them “men can’t get raped” or “you can’t say no.” This raised the awareness to a higher level of understanding that men get as much as exploited like women do but they cannot seem to find the courage to share it in regards of the typical response they received when they first tried. Fear not, my lovely male comrades! We hear you!

“There is the myth that it doesn’t happen to men. That is really important to discuss and dismiss. The idea that the attacker is always a stranger is also a dangerous myth”

~Grace Brown~


Photo by Grace Brown on projectunbreakable tumblr


One of the toughest things Brown faced with the project is criticism that she’s exploiting the experiences of others.

“I do my best to not exploit,” she said. “That’s not my intention.” She added that the project is run on the work of enthusiastic volunteers.


“Believe in them. Give them time and space and never pressure them into sharing their experiences

Just genuinely be there for them

~Grace Brown~  


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More than 2,000 photos of survivors quoting their attackers have been featured on Project Unbreakable since it was founded in 2011.  This project has taken off internationally in many countries as well. Grace affirms Project Unbreakable will continue as it is, aspiring other photographers and survivors to take part in this drive for awareness.




Keep shining bright like you always do !




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