Dare to Create – Why do you need to find your best childhood memory?

Photo by Natalia Medd on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

Dare To Create – A survivor Story and Find Your Inner Child

Welcome to our Dare You Create an article, from #ProjectLifeQuality. Your creative corner, where we discuss our topic of the week and provide you with a creative outlet.

This will be something designed to encourage and motivate you, to explore your thoughts through the use of the arts. I can promise some exciting articles. Look out for this each Tuesday. This week at PLQ, we’re discussing resources available to survivors of domestic abuse. This week we will discuss why it important to find your inner child and resources for those victims of Domestic Abuse

Imagine this Scenario first:

“You are fifteen years old and getting the attention of a boy. You start dating, and despite being physically abused even in public, you find yourself married a year later” Within This story lies a reason to find your inner child.


Dare To Create – Find Your Inner Child

Sometimes we have to reminisce and enjoy a moment in order to find a sense of freedom.

Today I want you to do something a little bit special, if you have a camera on your phone, I would love for you to be able to go out and take a picture of what used to be your favourite thing as a child.

It is inspiring how the world seemed so amazing when you were a child. So I would like for you to recollect one nice memory whether it was jumping in puddles or balancing sidewalks and see if you somehow can capture that moment on camera. Reminisce. And try it if you’d like to, be silly or don’t.

Photo by Cook24v on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Meet Ariele
Why did not anyone help her
~Daily Reflection~
This story comes from a brave lady lets call her Ariele (Strength; Courage; Sprite) we have to keep her story safe in order to not let her ex-husband find her, but by sharing her experience she hopes to bring awareness and to show you that there is always a way.

If you are anything like us, you probably seldom use it to talk into now and use it a great deal more, to surf the internet! we caught you laughing, didn’t we?

This survivor story is one mother’s fortunate escape from a violent marriage, in the days before the internet and mobile phones.

“I was only fifteen when I met him and married a year later.” Imagine, you are fifteen years old and getting the attention of a boy. You start dating, and despite being physically abused even in public, you find yourself married a year later – not quite believing your mother would sign her consent for you to get married at the age of 16. Pleading for her she came to realise that even the police was fed up with the constant calls of house disturbance rather than catching up on the warnings signals out there. A young girl victim of emotional and domestic violence. Not only that but she did not have the technology to rely on, access to information, nor available contact to resources3589808302_9a10be215b_c.jpg
Photo by quinn.anya on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA
This is why we need resources helping people experiencing abuse or overcoming abuse. This is why we need to educate on the subject of resources. Because without this knowledge more can be stuck in a situation like this young lady. Furthermore knowing she had barely had the ability to connect to resources it might make you see the importance of creating more spaces for resources to be shared.

What came to be her salvage was a resource centre for women. Which provided her with so many aspects of life, not only did she get seen, but she got help financially and support to gain the material aspects as well as support to be able to get away from an abusive marriage this as an opposition to what she earlier had been experiencing.


Why Do We Need This:
With the touching story of Pamela Taylor portrayed on Courageous Sunday and Ariele. It’s come to prove one thing. Why resources are so needed in our society. It is hard to understand something as complex as abuse and based on stigma a lot of people experiencing abuse often becomes held back by stigma when they already have more than enough trying to fight for their own freedom. It’s a weird conundrum that we on a small scale can understand but in the greater picture, it is hard to convey.

The creativity challenge is so important because by being able to set ourselves back in time and look at the world the way we did as a child. This by using photography to capture a moment, it will help us to be more in tune with ourselves as well as getting a change of perspective. Which is needed especially from a way of thinking framing an innocent mindset. In this world, our minds can be overclouded with the noise of society, in which we need to draw ourselves back to a state of peace and serenity. And last but not least if you were never able to be a child. Steal this moment. This life is yours. You deserve every inch of freedom, like our brave Ariele loosing parts og her childhood regaining her life, being an inspiration her on PLQ! So find your inner child.


Photo by Travelmath on Visualhunt.com / CC BY 

And you… You are beautiful…

Rebecca Goldthorpe & Froya Montezino

PLQ Creative coach and Journalist & Founder Of Project Life Quality

Credit : Ahmad Torabi
Instagram: Ampics_photography_Ahmad


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