Courageos Sunday – Pamela Taylor – From Overcoming Abuse to Helping Others

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Hello, my brave survivors and kind readers!

This week we shall focus on how finding resources can make it easier for you to take your life back. I found this amazing inspirational story about Pamela Taylor, survivor and founder of dress for success.

Dress for Success – A Survivor Story and A Resource

Today’s inspiration comes from Pamela Taylor –She is the President and Co-founder of Dress for Success, a global nonprofit organization that provides professional attire for low-income women, to help support their job-search and interview process. It is excellent in empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

I do remember feeling helpless and financially unstable in my teens and early twenties when things were getting out of hand at home. That embarrassing painful helplessness is the worst feeling a person can ever experience in her life.

This story spoke to me and showed me how Dress for success as a resource IS an important tool to protect people experiencing abuse and to help people towards the step of becoming survivors. This by offering people help, to be able to look for guidance outside their closest circle. Something that may be important if you are trapped in destructive environment.


Photo by Elvert Barnes on / CC BY-SA

“Giving back to the society is the rent we pay for living on this planet”
~Pamela’s Grandmother~

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Pamela Taylor – The Resource And Survivor

Experiencing domestic violence Pamela’s passion comes from the generosity learned from her grandmother and her own experience with domestic violenceWith this as inspiration, she created two focus points for her organisation

Wanting to help women to find their voice!
Wanting to change the economic horizon in their respective areas.

Pamela was violently abused by her boyfriend. Experiencing one day near a shopping mall that not one single person stepped up to help her.

That was the worst memory of her past, rather than the abuse she was experiencing at that time She also had to deal with the misconception that a lot of battered women meets the question: Why does she not leave?

“not only will I kill you, I will make sure no one finds your body”
~Pamela’s ExBoyfriend~

She knew that her boyfriend would try to kill her, having tried five times, exposing her to threats. This while he was a part of the police force. He used his position as a respected authority, not only to threaten her but through his threat, he indicated a power he as a police officer had. The power to know how to cover a crime, as well as having a trusted enough position to be able to get away with it.

There were several motives for why she could not leave
she wanted her father in law and the world to see who was actually responsible for all of this. And not only that, what If something happened to her, what would become of her kids?

15284632331_166a24a150_c.jpgPhoto by Elvert Barnes on / CC BY-SA

Dress for Success

I was baffled to know that “dress for succeess” operates in more than 150 cities in 28 countries and has helped nearly one million people.

“We are providing clothes from professional to casual to men and women who are entering the job market, college, vocational or training schools, or simply in need-free of charge”
 ~Dress For Succeess~

“We don’t want them to spend money on clothing at all”
~Dress for Succeess~

Dress to success provides with clothes being interview appropriate clothing, Like interview suits for job interviews. Dress to succeed also offers career growth, confidence boosts and emergency food pantry as well for food. They even have a certified work search centre; help in assessing things they like to do as a career.

What better help can we offer to a people who have no support, no resources to look after themselves nor the kids?

What is The Moral of This Story?

This story shows that society at some points contributes to domestic violence being allowed in this world. In this case with Pamela, where no one reacted and stepped up to help her.  She understood the needs for resources out there and created one.

So let’s contribute to spreading awareness, as well as educating people on the resources available for those affected by abuse?

Educate yourself. What is abuse?
Inspirational Sunday – Weekly Inspirational Story – From a Survivors Heart
Be it verbal, mental, sexual or physical. Abuse is not only physical. Most victims tend to think that they are not really experiencing abuse.
Remember, you only rise once you fall.



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