Our Goals

What is a Survivor?
The Syllable offers this definition of a survivor and is our inspiration for our very values in what our goals are in this organization.

person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition,hardship,
or setback in the legal sense of “one who outlives another,” agent noun from surviveMeaning “one who has a knack for pulling through adversity”.

Who are we?

We are a Non-Profit Organisation and our goal is to raise awareness of abuse. This through social media and our project life quality campaigns. Our goal is to create ambassadors, motivational speakers, promoting art, health and lifestyle changes.

How do we become survivors?

  • We Firmly believe that by removing stigmas raising our voice through a community we can show people that there is no reason to feel shame for what has happened.
  • We believe that through creativity, health and lifestyle changes, we can overcome traumas like abuse. Not by forgetting what has happened, but by creating and turning the strength that we’ve had to endure into something constructive.
  • We believe that what we as survivors have seen and felt, can be transformed into creations of beauty. Whether filled with darkness or light. 

That is why we are here. To promote these changes on our page and to encourage such changes through following measures:

  • We will create ambassadors with experience so they can be role models for others who have endured the same trials as they have.   
  • We will create campaigns to raise awareness
  • In Norway rehabilitation programs to help victims of abuse (And hopefully expand throughout the world by setting an example)
  • We will Promote art being a voice of those victims of abuse
  • Deliver Daily Motivation
  • Write about lifestyle changes you can make
  • Share stories of survivors
  • We will have weekly contents to keep your spirit up, holding your hand along the way.

You are not alone. Welcome to our world, a place without stigma. You are a resource and a survivor, and we’re here to show you that there is no shame in that.

If you feel curious about any of these categories, please feel free to contact us on any of our pages or on our mail: Projectlifequality@gmail.com

Kind Regards

Froya Montezino

Founder of Project Life Quality


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